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I live in Victoria, British Columbia, in the SW corner of Canada.  Victoria has a coastal sub-Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and cool damp winters.  Annual rainfall is only 28" due to being in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.  Average summer highs are near 23°C and average winter lows of around 1°C.  Absolute winter lows average around -5°C (but can get down as low as -11°C).  Since many exotic plants like heat, I select micro-climates throughout the yard to meet the specific needs of each plant.

I have a small business selling Trachycarpus wagnerianus seed grown in my yard.  This is 100% pure only sold when fresh.  Please visit my web site at:

The photos seen on this site were taken in the summer of 2016 (click "Photos of my garden" above).  Once there, click on Back Garden or Front GardenThese are best viewed if View as Slideshow is selected.